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CNC machining, custom machine production

CNC esztergálás Győr

CNC turning

We manufacture high quality parts using the latest CNC technologies. Even the most complex parts can be produced on CNC lathes with pressed tools in excellent quality and cost-effectively.

CNC marás Győr

CNC miling

Our 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centres also allow the production of complex, high-precision machined parts. Well-maintained machines and quality tools guarantee the quality of the parts.

Egyedi gépgyártás Győr

Custom machine manufacturing

The right machine for the job. For cost-effective and productive manufacturing, it is often essential to design and build a custom machine for the job. Our expert staff is at your disposal with a wealth of experience.

Working together for success

CNC forgácsolás Győr

Highly qualified workforce

When selecting our staff, we place the greatest emphasis on the personality of the prospective colleague. Knowledge can be acquired, but the dedication and love of the profession cannot be learned. Over the years, several colleagues have learnt the secrets of the trade and mastered the skills of the trade with us, thus gaining a high level of knowledge that will make them a valuable member of our team in the long term.


Continuous training courses

Learning about new tools, technologies and materials is important to serve our customers to the highest standards. To this end, our colleagues are constantly attending professional training courses.



One of our key strengths is high quality. Our quality system meets the challenges of even the most demanding automotive companies.


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